General Motors trainee designs the Chevy Caravan SS wagon

General Motors trainee designs the Chevy Caravan SS wagon

January 17, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This stylish concept car with atypical proportions for an ordinary station wagon was created by designer Giordano Vittorini during his internship at General Motors back in 2016.

The Chevy Caravan SS concept is inspired by the Chevrolet Opala business class family of the 1960s and 1970s. The model was sold in Brazil in three body styles: sedan, coupe and station wagon.

The name of this car, consonant with the Chevy Impala, was chosen through a competition. Opala showed excellent sales until 1992, when the decision was made to curtail its release.

Vittorini turned to Opala for one simple reason: his father owned two such cars at once. In his renders, he tried to freshen up this model in the form of the Chevy Caravan SS coupe station wagon.

The car boasts a dynamic silhouette and muscular proportions that are similar to the original Opala Caravan.

The station wagon gets big wheels, two pairs of exhaust pipes, side vents in the spirit of sports cars, etc. This is such a modern classic. We like. Would you like to see such a station wagon in the Chevrolet lineup?