General Motors revives the legendary Hummer as an electric SUV

General Motors revives the legendary Hummer as an electric SUV

April 4, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

First, the revived Hummer debuted as a pickup truck. However, the automaker reassured customers: there will be an SUV, but later. And no worse than a pickup. General Motors kept the promise.

On the eve of April 3, a new large electric SUV Hummer was unveiled under the GMC brand. This model saw the light of day immediately after the electric pickup, as promised. The premiere of the novelty was held in the online format popular during the coronavirus pandemic. At the heart of the novelty is the debut of the first Hummer EV pickup.

The SUV is built on a “flat” structural platform. Up to the rear fenders, the pickup and SUV are absolutely similar, but the feed of the Hummer SUV has got completely its own. There was a place for a “spare wheel” on the swing luggage door. The SUV is “shod” with new large wheels of 22 inches.

Outwardly, the novelty resembles the Hummer H2, which held out on the assembly line from 2002 to 2009. The SUV is over 5.5 meters long and has five seats. The interior is decorated in the spirit of a pickup truck – simple geometry, ergonomics, etc.

The central place here is reserved for a couple of displays: a virtual dashboard with a large touchscreen and multimedia with an even larger screen.

Already in the “base”, the SUV receives a proprietary Super Cruise autopilot. The power plant of the battery Hummer EV SUV includes three electric motors at once, whose total output reaches 830 horsepower. The pickup was expected to have a lot of power – 1000 “horses”. In conjunction with the motors, an 800-volt Ultium battery works.

Moreover, in the “base” the SUV gets a simpler battery – a voltage of 400 volts. Without recharging, the new “Hummer” will travel from 400 to 500 kilometers, depending on the chosen modification. The SUV will also have a “crab mode”, which means that it will be able to drive diagonally. In the North American market, the new zero-emission Hummer SUV will not be available until 2023.

Prices will start at 90 thousand dollars. And in another year, customers will have access to a more budget-friendly SUV with two motors. It will be $ 10,000 cheaper. The expansion of the geography of sales of the novelty has not yet been reported. The pickup will be available next year.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that the first production Hummer EV pickup was sold for $ 2.5 million. The customer will receive it this year.