General Motors can turn Corvette into an independent sub-brand

General Motors can turn Corvette into an independent sub-brand

December 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Rumors about the appearance of the Chevy Corvette sub-brand have been around for a long time. Moreover, the new division of General Motors is touted a whole line of different bodies.

The fact that the American company General Motors does not exclude the possibility of creating a sub-brand Corvette, indicates a recent Motor Trend report. Recall earlier that the Corvette can turn from a sports car into a full-fledged brand in the GM lineup, insiders reported. Now, as foreign media write, General Bar Motors CEO Mary Barra said that the Corvette sub-brand is unlikely, but did not completely abandon this idea. According to her, the brand is not going to say “never.”

 However, caution has not been canceled yet: an assessment of all risks cannot be avoided. But whether the company began to calculate possible options is still not reported.

 Automotive industry analyst Adam Jonas spoke about the financial prospects of the new sub-brand. According to his calculations, the cost of a sub-brand may exceed $ 12 billion. The final figure will depend on the proposed prayer line. So, at one time the media wrote that in addition to the coupe and roadster, the sedan and crossover built on the basis of existing Cadillac models will fall into the Corvette model line. Also under this brand can go and electric cars.