General Motors came up with Airbnb for cars

General Motors came up with Airbnb for cars

March 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Concern General Motors plans in a test mode to launch a service that will allow car owners to lease their own cars. The service will work on the platform belonging to the concern of the Maven card provider. Bloomberg reports this with reference to its own sources.

The pilot program will work in the summer of this year. It is assumed that, if successful, it will become one of the stages of the transformation of GM from the automaker into a service provider. Having access to private cars, Maven, working with Uber, Lyft and courier services, will be able to increase its fleet without raising additional funds from the parent company.

At the same time, GM is not the only manufacturer considering prospects for the development of P2P-business. So, last September, Daimler AG led the investment round, during which the start-up Turo, which offers private cars for rent, raised $ 92 million. The investor of the competitor Turo – Getaround was Toyota.

In addition to the karchering and p2p-services, General Motors is considering the possibility of launching unmanned taxis. In the middle of January this year, the company introduced the autonomous TC Cruise AV based on Chevrolet Bolt. The car without a rudder and pedals is equipped with five laser range finders (LiDAR), 16 cameras and 21 radars.