Geely is working to create an “antivirus” car

Geely is working to create an “antivirus” car

February 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Such a car, thanks to a special air purification and filtering system, will be able to protect the driver and his passengers from the coronavirus.

Geely plans to spend 370 million yuan on the fight against coronavirus. This money will be invested in the development of special machines with antivirus protection. Today it is a very relevant and important project. The celestial automaker will concentrate its forces and finances not on specialized medical equipment, but on ordinary cars, which are used by ordinary citizens.

 The main feature of the “anti-virus” car will be a “smart” cleaning system, with the help of which the developers hope to isolate harmful substances and clean the air in the passenger compartment efficiently.

 The work ahead is important and time-consuming, so Geely centers around the world will connect to it. They will have to test new materials with antibacterial and antiviral characteristics. They are used in new air conditioning systems, as well as in the decoration of surfaces that people touch most often. This is the steering wheel, gear lever, touchscreen, etc.

 For Geely, this is not the first investment in the fight against coronavirus. Prior to this, the brand has already allocated 200 million yuan for these purposes. The money will go to buy medicines for residents of China. Also, the automaker organized a free taxi in the multi-million dollar Wuhan, where the coronavirus epidemic began.