Geely introduced the first electric car Geometry

Geely introduced the first electric car Geometry

April 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese automaker announced the creation of a new sub-brand, under which only electric vehicles will be produced. The first model has already received almost 27 thousand orders.

Geely began to actively develop the direction of electric vehicles. For this task, a new premium brand was created – Geometry. The plans of the auto concern by 2025 to produce 10 models of electric cars. At the moment in the list of the company is the firstborn – Geometry A. Sedan. The car will be presented in two versions – Standard Range and Long Range. They will differ in battery capacity and power reserve. In the standard version, with a full charge, you can cover a distance of 410 km, and in a version with a larger battery capacity, 500 km. The electric motor is mounted on the front axle, which indicates the front drive of the electric vehicle. Engine power will be 163 hp and a maximum speed of 150 km / h. The novelty promises to be very economical for the owners – with today’s prices for electricity in China, 100 km on the way will cost $ 1. The manufacturer promises that from the stations of fast charging it will be possible to replenish the battery capacity up to 80% in 30 minutes.

When creating the Geometry A, great attention was paid to the safety of the driver and passengers. To do this, the car is made in a rigid body, equipped with “smart” belt tensioners, and also has electronic assistants.

The new car has already received almost 27 thousand applications. It should be noted that the novelty raises abroad – 18 thousand pre-orders were issued from abroad. Prices for Geometry A are voiced only for residents of the Middle Kingdom. Taking into account government subsidies, the Standard Range equipment will cost 210 thousand yuan (31.5 thousand dollars) for the Chinese residents, while the Long Range modification will cost 250 thousand yuan (37.5 thousand dollars) in maximum performance.