Geely introduced a methanol truck

Geely introduced a methanol truck

April 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The truck received an engine capacity of 12.54 liters. Power of the unit makes 460 horsepower

Geely introduced a heavy truck operating on pure methanol. New released under the sub-brand Yuan Cheng Auto. The production of the truck is conducted at the GCV plant in Nanchong. You can buy a car in three versions: standard, mining and for regional logistics.

The car received an engine capacity of 12.54 liters. Power unit is 460 horsepower. In Geely argue that the motor allows the technology to overcome 30 ° rises, which is comparable with the performance of modern diesel models.

Thus, Geely commercial vehicles will be the safest, environmentally friendly and energy efficient vehicles on the market, ”said Zhou Jiangyun, President of Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group.

The windows, door handles and side mirrors of the car applied a special protective coating to prevent dirt from sticking. Also, the novelty received a special icon Yuan Cheng with backlight to increase visibility when driving at night.

Earlier, the Chinese company Geely launched a new brand Geometry, under which premium electric vehicles will be produced. The first car of the brand was a model called A – a relatively affordable alternative to Tesla Model 3.