Geely brings updated Lynk & Co 01 to the European market

Geely brings updated Lynk & Co 01 to the European market

September 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese automaker is arriving in Europe with a modified version of the Lynk & Co 01 and a corresponding subscription service, which Geely subsidiary announced today at a press conference.

Lynk & Co 01 has been on the Chinese market for a long time. The SUV that shares the platform with the Volvo XC40 was originally known as the Geely CX11. The European 01 version sits on the CMA platform and also shares the underlying technology with the XC40.

There are two powertrains to choose from. First, it’s a 180-horsepower plug-in hybrid. with 75 hp electric motor The range is exclusively electric with a 16.7 kWh battery is 70 km. In addition, a 143 hp mild hybrid is available. and a 50 hp electric motor. In terms of equipment, all cars are the same, so there are no additional options. Buyers can only choose from two colors: black or blue.

The architecture of the European version has been improved to meet higher security standards. The model received an additional front side airbag, motors specially designed for the European market and a retuned chassis. The in-car infotainment system is completely new, with an emphasis on car sharing. The quality of the materials has also been improved by using recycled materials, including fishing nets, to make the chairs. Subtle changes on the outside are limited to the redesigned headlights and front bumper.

The platform is shared with Volvo, but Lynk & Co’s business model is so different that CEO Alain Visser does not fear Volvo’s cannibalism. Moreover, in terms of age, no specific target group was taken into account, but Lynk & Co usually targets people who would like to have a different view of car ownership.

To facilitate maintenance, Lynk & Co monitors the status of the vehicle and notifies the owner when a service is required. The vehicle is then collected and sent to the nearest Volvo dealer.

In fact, Lynk & Co has come to the conclusion that what is needed is not a new car brand, but a new concept of mobility. The brand studied global trends among buyers and took them into account when developing a new business model. A subscription to Lynk & Co costs around € 500 per month, including maintenance costs, or even less if the car is shared over a digital network, and the car is shared via the app.

Lynk & Co plans to stimulate car sharing by reducing the cost of car sharing. The company promises that, in theory, customers can drive “free” if they have enough use. Customers without a car can also become a member by paying only the cost of using the car.