Geely Atlas changed the brand and “borrowed” the name from the crossover Lifan

Geely Atlas changed the brand and “borrowed” the name from the crossover Lifan

September 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Under the control of Gili, Proton, the largest automaker in Malaysia, moved a year ago, at that time the Chinese also purchased the British Lotus (owned by the Proton since 1996). New Lotus, created under the wing of Geely, should appear after 2020, and the first “joint” with Gilly model Proton debuted today, September 7. The novelty was the rebuffed SUV Boyue (and this is the first crossover in the Proton line) – so SUV is called in the Celestial, we also know it as Atlas.

Crossover Proton named X70. Note that the SUV with such an index is available for another Chinese brand – Lifan. However, in Malaysia Lifan is not represented, and the name for the novelty Proton was chosen by poll. Users of social networks were offered several options: PX70, X7, X70 and X700. For X70 60% voted, and almost 90 000 people took part in the poll. By the way, the company uses the index in the name of the model for the first time.

As a basis for the Proton X70 took restyled Geely Boyue, which appeared in China in early 2018. From the Gilly model, the SUV differs in radiator grating. In addition, between the tail lights, instead of a chrome plaque with a Chinese brand emblem, there is now a matt strip of the name of the Malaysian brand. Except for the position of the steering wheel, the interior of the X70 almost completely copies the interior of the Boyue, except that for the rear passengers there are two air ducts instead of a single grid at the “Chinese”.

In Malaysia, the Proton X70 will be available with a petrol turbo four 1.8 with an output of 181 hp (285 Nm), which is combined with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Drive – front or full. In China, Geely Boyue is offered with the same 1.8T engine, but with an output of 184 hp. (the torque is the same), plus in the Celestial the engine still has a 163-strong version (250 Nm). Also in the Chinese crossover can be bought with “atmospheric” 2.0 with a capacity of 141 hp (178 Nm).

Sales of X70 start in the near future, prices have not yet been announced. At the first stage crossovers will be imported to Malaysia from China, and next year they will start local assembly. The company Proton also plans to supply its “SUV” to other countries in Southeast Asia, that is, the X70 will become a global model.