Game Boy has become a device for hacking cars

Game Boy has become a device for hacking cars

July 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

SOS Auto Keys from Bulgaria developed a “smart” device based on the Game Boy game console, thanks to which it is possible to open cars without harming them.

The gadget, according to the creators, will cost about 20,000 pounds

According to the iReactor agency, the hacking device has no external differences from the popular game console. At the same time, it can replace a classic repeater and, like it, open other people’s cars in a few minutes.

The very fact of creating a portable hijacker was revealed by the British insurance company AA. Experts warned that if measures are not taken, the device could easily be “in the wrong hands” and create large gaps not only for motorists, but also for the police.

It should be mentioned that the debut Game Boy was released back in 1989. The device had a monochrome liquid crystal display with a size of 160×140 pixels and stereo sound in four channels.