GAC updated GA8 flagship sedan

GAC updated GA8 flagship sedan

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the Chinese international auto show, a restyled model was presented.

In Guangzhou, along with other new products, one could see a restyled version of the premium Trumpchi GA8 sedan. The novelty was released 100 mm longer than the next generation Kia Optima and has a monumental interior, as well as a luxurious appearance by Chinese standards with an abundance of chrome details on the body.

The revised Trumpchi GA8 is built on the same FIAT platform twenty years ago, purchased under license. The outdated chassis did not stop China from using the pre-styling G8s as cars of representatives of the heads of state during the G20 summit.

The updated Trumpchi GA8 has a completely new interior with a virtual dashboard, which is combined into a single widescreen screen with a multimedia system, the climate control unit has given way to air ducts, and the traditional gear selector has been replaced by an unstable joystick.

The motor range of the car has also undergone dramatic changes. Two petrol units of 1.8 (188 hp) and 2.0 liters (197 hp) with Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission were dismissed. Now the sedan is equipped with a new non-alternative supercharged engine with a volume of 2.0 liters and a power of 252 hp. An 8-speed automatic is used as a transmission. Drive – to the front wheels.

It is expected that sales of the restyled version of the Trumpchi GA8 in the Middle Kingdom will begin in early 2020. The price list will be announced shortly. Before the update, prices for the sedan started from 150 thousand yuan and the local press does not expect a serious rise in price.