GAC narrated the concept car of the future

GAC narrated the concept car of the future

October 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

GAC New Energy, general director of the Chinese company Gu Huynan, spoke about the car of the future on October 19 at the Intel Intelligence Networking automotive conference.

At the World Automotive Conference on Intel Intelligence Networking on October 19, Gu Huynan, general manager of GAC New Energy, shared his vision of the car of the future. He said that in the future cars will be SUV / MPV, but will also take the form of squares, ovals or spheres.

Gu Huynan explained that future city cars will be able to move not only directly, but in all directions. And it is quite logical to assume, because such an opportunity will significantly relieve the highways of large cities.

In addition, he believes that the creation of a flying car is a dead-end path. Ground transportation must remain ground. But it will be possible to create an unmanned aerial vehicle that can move the car through the air, depending on the need.

Another concept of the future car, according to the top manager of GAC New Energy, will be modular trucks, which can easily change their configuration and the volume of cargo transported according to the required parameters at the moment.