GAC introduced the updated flagship sedan GA8

GAC introduced the updated flagship sedan GA8

October 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The appearance of the restyled sedan GA8 from the Chinese company GAC has ceased to be a secret. The sedan not only noticeably “freshened”, but also got a new turbo engine.

In the home market, GAC sells its cars under the Trumpchi brand, and the G8 is considered the largest and most expensive sedan in the model range. The model has been off the assembly line since 2016, the basis for it was an improved version of the Fiat platform. In 2017, the company managed to realize a record number of copies of the GAC Trumpchi GA8 – 4,700 units. After that, the interest of the brand’s fans in the sedan began to fade away: in 2018, dealers sold only 4,115 cars, and in the eight months of 2019 – 1,298 cars.

The brand decided to return its former popularity to its sedan with the help of restyling. Photos of new items appeared in the base of the Ministry of Industry of China.

The updated sedan differs from the “pre-reform” car by a grown radiator grill with chrome horizontal trims, redesigned taillights and altered optics, which has received a more elongated shape. But the massive shiny plate connecting the grille and the hood is no longer on the sedan.

 There are no interior pictures on the website of the Ministry of Industry of the PRC, however, from spy photos we know that the sedan will receive a redesigned front panel and a central tunnel, as well as a new steering wheel, a different gearbox selector and a climate control unit. The digital dashboard here is visually combined with multimedia, the display of which has grown significantly. The updated GA8 sedan sets in motion a two-liter 252-horsepower gasoline “turbo four”, combined with 8-speed automatic transmission. The brand is going to present a novelty in its homeland by the end of this year.