Gabriele Tarquini criticized BoP changes before weekend in Ningbo

Gabriele Tarquini criticized BoP changes before weekend in Ningbo

September 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The weekend of World Touring in Ningbo began with a highly controversial statement about changes in the balance of technologies – Lynk & Co machines, as well as all three Volkswagen brands, were allowed to adjust the engine power curve. Naturally, Honda and Hyundai racers expressed their dissatisfaction – in particular, Gabriele Tarquini estimated the increase in power for rivals at 15-20%.

Already at the end of all the races, in which the Sino-Swedish brand Lynk & Co cars showed complete superiority, Tarquini again turned to this topic, arguing with Ivan Muller, who argued that the yellow-blue cars, on the contrary, were inferior in straight lines at least 7 km / h

“Speaking of maximum speed, they pay attention to a specific measuring point, which is located at the beginning of the braking zone,” Tarquini told TouringCarTimes. – I know that Lynk & Co is faster on straight lines – I myself saw how they simply drove off to disperse, and closer to the turn they slowed down, and there was no risk in that. In turn, I attacked every sidewalk, but could not get closer.

I do not have a personal hostility towards Ivan or [Jan] Erlasher, but this situation does not suit me. It is impossible to change the rules of the game three races before the end of the season, because the manufacturer suddenly asks to homologate a new engine map. I hope that in the next race they will be forced to return to the old settings, otherwise the championship can be considered completed. ”