Future Volvo models will receive lidar technology on the roof

Future Volvo models will receive lidar technology on the roof

May 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The next generation XC90 may be the first to accept this feature.

Autonomous driving is not really new. In fact, this was one of the highlights (for better or worse) of automotive technology in the second half of the previous decade, especially among the high-end brands and luxury electric carmaker Tesla.

For Volvo, the idea of ​​autonomous driving has existed since 2016. The Swedish company is considered the manufacturer of the safest cars on Earth, and, as you know, independent driving and safety are two opposite concepts that automakers are trying to solve.


In this regard, Volvo announces a partnership with Luminar to introduce more advanced autonomous driving technologies in future Volvo cars. And yes, the industry-leading LiDAR system, which deals with light detection and measurement, is the center of this collaboration, which will certainly be installed on next-generation Volvo cars. LiDAR uses laser technology to measure distances, illuminating oncoming and upcoming obstacles with laser light and using sensors to determine their proximity.

According to a press release, next-generation Volvo cars using the updated SPA 2 architecture will be ready for hardware when production begins by 2022. Luminar LiDAR will be integrated into the roof. Once the technology is ready, the software will be updated wirelessly to enable autonomous driving if the client chooses this option.

Of course, as already indicated in Volvo, self-driving will only be available for use on the freeway. The Highway Pilot function is also activated only after it is “tested for safety for specific geographic locations and conditions”. Luminar’s LiDAR technology will also be used to enhance Volvo’s advanced driver assistance systems.

The next generation XC90 is supposed to be the first built on SPA 2, which means that the mid-size crossover, which is almost seven years old, could be the first Volvo equipped with the LiDAR system. It is planned that the third generation XC90 will be released in 2022.