Future models of Mercedes may get a personal assistant

Future models of Mercedes may get a personal assistant

September 5, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Future models of the company’s Mercedes-Benz can act as personal assistants and perform everyday tasks car owners that they do not want to do. Said Dr Dieter Zetsche.

Autocar spoke in Berlin at the IFA Consumer Electronics Show with chairman of the concern Daimler Dr Dieter Zetsche, who said that in the short run models from Mercedes-Benz will be able to find space for parking cars in parking lots. In the future they will be able to independently perform routine work, such as pick up children from school or other family members, while the car owner will be able to stay at work or at home.

“We have already started testing for the general parking areas in Stuttgart together with our partners «Bosch». The system works by using car’s sensors that can find empty spaces along the road and then communicate with the Mercedes database server. This information is then distributed to other cars Mercedes», – Zetsche told about the search engine space in the parking lot. This means that all Mercedes’ cars are connected to the database can instantly get the information where the closest and most convenient empty parking space. In the near future, this system will allow users to direct car parking spaces, and further, autonomous cars will park themselves without driver assistance.


He also said that the future Mercedes-Benz will focus more on comfort passengers will be able to improve the health of customers.

“It is our goal that the customer receives from Mercedes at its best than he could get. The vehicle uses sensors to monitor the health and welfare of passengers, and then adjust parameters to improve the situation and blood pressure”, – said Zetsche.

Currently, no one knows where we would be able to see your innovations, but we want to mention that in the next decade these technologies will be developed in the industry.