Future Mazda cars will have a unique design.

Future Mazda cars will have a unique design.

January 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A top manager of the Japanese brand confirmed several theses of the future development of the company. Each model of the company will be recognizable and clearly identified with Mazda, but will receive a unique design.

 Mazda is one of the unique companies that strive to go their own way and develop their own ideas. Although it is impossible to look back at world trends now, it still adheres to the development of ICE, as well as rotary engines. Undoubtedly, electrification is important for the modern world, they believe in the company, but gasoline engines with diesel engines cannot be dismissed.

This conservative approach will be “mixed” with a progressive vision of design and style. The head of the European design department Jo Stenuit said that the company will not use the principle of “matryoshka doll”, when all the cars of the brand of different sizes are similar to each other and are difficult to distinguish.

“Each model that will be produced by our brand will definitely be identified as Mazda, but will not repeat the design of the previous models,” said Joe in a recent interview.

In other words, each model of the company will become unique. Therefore, you should not look for a beautiful image of the Mazda 3 in a larger version. Other models will get their own character.