Future electric supercar McLaren Concept E-Zero shown

Future electric supercar McLaren Concept E-Zero shown

July 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren is preparing for the presentation of a new, all-electric supercar that will help them stay afloat in a rapidly changing automotive market. Designer Daniel Platek presented the possible appearance of the novelty.

The British car manufacturer, according to reports, has long been working on an environmentally friendly model, and it is not yet known how it will look, or when it will appear. In the meantime, thanks to the efforts of designer Daniel Platek, we can see what a new product can be.

The concept, dubbed the Concept E-Zero, draws inspiration from the 1969 McLaren M6GT design.

This iconic car was to be the very first in the company, which could drive on public roads and be based on the chassis of the M6B racing car. Unfortunately, Bruce McLaren died on June 2, 1970, and his vision of the M6GT received a start in life.

  The most obvious similarity between the Concept E-Zero and the M6GT is the large glass canopy. When viewed from the rear, the concept has a number of design features resembling the company’s existing production vehicles, including thin LED taillights and a smooth rear diffuser.

  Ahead you will find, perhaps, the most radical differences. Headlamps are simple horizontal LED units built into artificial air intakes. The concept hood is very short, allowing the windshield to extend beyond the front wheels.

  The plate represents that the supercar is equipped with four electric motors and a large battery installed under the floor. The car looks great, and we are very happy to see how the electric supercar McLaren will look.

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