Future Bentley models will get a retractable steering wheel

Future Bentley models will get a retractable steering wheel

May 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British brand takes a step towards fully autonomous vehicles.

Bentley has filed a patent application that will certainly arouse the interest of technologists, although the owners of the Bentley Flying Spur are unlikely to be too impressed. The invention is intended for a retractable steering system specially designed for autonomous vehicles, because there is no need for a steering wheel during autonomous driving. Given that manufacturers such as Hyundai are striving to have a fully autonomous car in the line by 2022, recent Bentley innovations are rethinking how to drive such vehicles.

This project, created by a SilverBullet user and posted on the Cybertruck Talk forum, has a capsule design with steering knobs that can be pulled out from under the dashboard. These handles, in turn, have triggers for the throttle and brake, which is very similar to the Batmobile of the new century.

The patent was filed through the Intellectual Property Office of Great Britain, and it describes “a vehicle with a side-mounted steering box.” The basis for the design is the soundtrack – despite the fact that autonomous vehicles are still being developed and tuned for use on public roads, when they work autonomously, the cab can be tuned with greater sensitivity. In this case, the entire steering control unit can be completely removed.

The images also describe the possible placement of the steering unit in the door. In Fig. 1, the steering unit is shown in the extended position, while Figs. 2 and 3 show a view of the “area of ​​the side wall of the cab” where the device can be placed when not in use. The elements indicated by “26” in Fig. 3 are device handles that function effectively as a regular steering wheel rim. Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the entire device when it is in the working position.

Bentley further explains the implementation of the wired control system, as well as the application of torque to the steering wheel, which will “simulate feedback forces from steered road wheels.” The goal here is to provide the same level of feedback achieved from a conventional steering system.

Obviously, Bentley is advancing towards a fully autonomous car project, even though the rival luxury brand Rolls-Royce says it will not invest in this technology if it is complex for the consumer. Although the Bentley’s hiding steering box has leaked ahead of time, you still really want to see this science-fiction model in action.