Funny story: the dealer hijacked the car, the hostess hijacked the dealer

Funny story: the dealer hijacked the car, the hostess hijacked the dealer

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This curious story happened in America, although it could happen in any other place.

It all started with an angry Facebook post, where Penny Ivy Thompson told a story that happened to her at the Mac Haik dealership in Flowood. By evening, her post became viral, shared more than 4,400 times.

Penny Ivy Thompson brought her Dodge Ram pick-up, which she lovingly calls the “Big Bertha”, to the dealership for maintenance, according to the portal Clarion Ledger.

Then she went about her business (apparently, there was more than one car in the family), and suddenly noticed her pickup truck on the highway. At first she thought it was some kind of test drive, during which the service worker was trying to identify a problem with the machine. However, just in case, followed the car and found out that he was heading for the construction shopping complex. An employee of the service got out of the car and disappeared behind the doors of the store. The owner of the car waited about 20 minutes, gradually becoming entrenched in the idea that they decided to use her car in a shameless way to transport cargo, and then took the spare key out of her purse and took her Big Bertha, leaving the worker with her nose.

The enraged owner returned to the dealership and made a scandal. In order to somehow hush up the situation, the manager promised her free service. Provided that she will not tell about this story in social networks. But the lady did not stop.

    “Do not mess with my family, my animals, my money or my car. Nobody has done this to Big Berta yet! ”She wrote on Facebook.

Later, the incident reached the owner of the car dealership, who brought a public apology to the client and said that the offending employee had been dismissed and the service manager had been suspended from work. “Penny and her family have every right to be angry at what happened. I am personally terribly saddened by this incident and I will do everything possible so that this will never happen again, ”he promised.

Judging by the fact that the angry post was soon removed from the page of Penny, the parties still managed to resolve the conflict. We suspect that is not free.