Functional CVT transmission built from Lego parts

Functional CVT transmission built from Lego parts

June 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Sariel’s Lego Workshop, a YouTube enthusiast, has made a functioning prototype of CVT’s continuously variable automotive transmission.

Remember the time when Lego sets were largely simple designers, but despite this, any child was delighted with the mere thought that he could receive it as a gift? Truly amazing things were created from completely different sets. Now Lego has significantly expanded its collection of diverse designers, among which the Technic line is worth mentioning separately. These kits have moving parts, lighting and can even be controlled via the remote control.

A video has appeared on Sariel’s Lego Workshop YouTube channel, which demonstrates the operation of a continuously variable car transmission (CVT), which is completely built from Lego parts and a power source.

The project is incredibly similar to what we have on modern cars, except that the pulley system with shafts and a belt is made in its own way – the engineer had limitations, which were caused by his Lego parts. The ratios are connected by a belt that interacts with cones that are parallel to each other, but oriented opposite each other. There are no fixed ratios (this is without grip), and all you get is the highest and lowest gear, and all you have to do is move the mechanism forward or backward to speed up or slow down the toy vehicle.

As Sariel, the author of the project, points out, the Lego CVT system is effective at low loads and low resistance. The belt moves along the cones so smoothly that the strip tends to slip out of the “gear” when the vehicle collides with an obstacle or incline.

The enthusiast also mentions that this will not happen if Lego makes several rubber cones for higher friction, to keep the belt in place, or maybe even toothed cones and belts. In any case, the work of this toy transmission is very nice to watch.