Fully electric Cadillac crossover will appear in 3 years

Fully electric Cadillac crossover will appear in 3 years

February 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Cadillac will present its first electric vehicle based on the BEV platform in three years. So far, about the new model is known that it will be a crossover.

The American concern GM, which includes the premium brand Cadillac, is currently developing a specialized platform BEV. It will be the basis for future all-electric Cadillac cars. This development, which was called BEV, is very similar to the MEB platform from the German concern VW Group. It is known that Americans will take about 3 years to bring BEV to perfection.

“Cadillac will be the leading GM brand in electric vehicles and will present the first model that is the backbone of GM for the advanced family of profitable electric vehicles.

According to official data, in 2018, Cadillac set a new sales record of 382,184 vehicles sold. It is noteworthy that in their home country, sales decreased by 1.1% to 154,702. So, the brand management seriously decided to think about their future. They decided to bet on electric cars. The automaker will lead General Motors’ new electric vehicle industry initiative and is expected to present its first model in three years.

 Among the competitors of the electric novelty, which will be a crossover, is the company Tesla. According to representatives of Cadillac, their new platform is suitable for models with different sizes and body types, the presence of a full, rear and front-wheel drive, right or left handlebars.

 “Its most important components, including battery cells, are being developed for maximum ease of use depending on the contract model.”

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