Fully carbon fiber Nissan GT-R Godzilla sheds weight

Fully carbon fiber Nissan GT-R Godzilla sheds weight

January 1, 2019 1 By autotimesnews

Believe it or not, the current generation Nissan GT-R with the internal designation R35 is about 11 years old and Nissan is not even talking about replacing it.

Honestly, we don’t even hope to debut in the next two years, as the automaker is still busy releasing all sorts of special issues to keep the interest in the current model.

Fortunately, owners around the world are happy to spend thousands of dollars to modify their GT-R and show us different views on Godzilla. And here is one of the coolest examples that we have seen in recent months.

Meet one of the few GT-Rs in the world with a full carbon fiber body. Each exterior is made of pure carbon fiber, including the bonnet, doors, fenders, side mirror covers and bumpers.

With such a huge amount of carbon fiber, we are just wondering what happens in the event of an accident. God forbid, of course!

With all the carbon fiber components installed, the GT-R weighs about 140 kg lighter than the standard GT-R. The total cost of the tuning project is about 76,430 US dollars. This means that the owner paid just under $ 246 for each pound of weight.

This is a much more interesting project than most other modified GT-Rs. Anyone can make a 1000-horsepower GT-R, however, lifting weight does not only increase acceleration in a straight line, but also improves overall dynamics.