Fuell introduced the concepts of Flow and Fluid

Fuell introduced the concepts of Flow and Fluid

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The former company VanguardSpark (tandem Vanguard Motorcycles + SPARK Racing) with a new partner, plans to release a motorcycle and a bicycle on an electric traction. In the meantime, presents their concept photo.

Fuell Flow is an electric motorcycle that will be released for eligible motorcyclists and those who do not have them. The first electric bike will be equipped with a power plant, issuing 47 hp already.

 The second variant will be equipped with a 15 hp engine. This is quite enough to not violate the law on mopeds in many countries.

The electric bike Fluid will also be in two versions. Both will install an electric motor with a torque of 100 Nm and a battery of 490 W / h, but the standard can accelerate to 32 km / h, and the S-Pedlec – to 42 km / h.

 The company promised to release other details literally the other day.

Earlier, Harley-Davidson introduced a new touring Electra Glide Standard, able to meet the needs of the most conservative fans of the brand.