Fry: Schumacher family should talk about his condition

Fry: Schumacher family should talk about his condition

September 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Racefans quotes former Mercedes team executive Nick Fry, who worked just in those years when Michael Schumacher decided to return to the sport. Fry believes that Michael’s family should tell the German fans the truth about his condition.

Nick Fry: “Corinna and other members of Michael’s family severely limit information about his health, which in my opinion is wrong. Michael has millions of fans around the world – not only in Germany. He has reached incredible heights in motorsport, he has a lot of fans – and they have the right to know.

Judging by what I heard, the family provided him with the best treatment that you can buy for money in their Swiss home, where a group of specialists take care of him around the clock.

I am sure that the treatment methods that have been tried there in recent years could help other people. It would be right if Michael’s family shares information with many other families in the same situation – this could help them. ”