From Toyota Prius tried to make a Ferrari. It didn’t work out very well

From Toyota Prius tried to make a Ferrari. It didn’t work out very well

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The hybrid was modified to resemble a Ferrari Portofino

Enthusiasts decided to refine the Toyota Prius hybrid, trying to make the Italian supercar Ferrari Portofino out of it. However, it turned out they didn’t look very similar.

Photos of an unusual tuning project published on instagram. Apparently, this is really a real car, and not a model drawn in Photoshop. Headlights are partly related to the Italian Prius prototype, and the owner manually modified all the other elements.

This is not the first time that tuners turn ordinary cars into a little crazy projects. In mid-September, for example, presented an eco-friendly hearse, which was built on the basis of Nissan Leaf. The car turned out to be rather strange – because of the size, the driver sits almost next to the coffin, and the side doors are equipped with huge transparent panels that allow you to view the entire cabin.

In the same month, another unusual project appeared on sale – a limousine that can survive the apocalypse, built on the basis of the Lincoln Town Car. An off-road car is even registered as a regular vehicle, the former owner paid about 500-700 dollars a year for insurance

And last year, a French artist turned an old Ford Mondeo station wagon into a wood-burning pizza oven. He removed all the interior details and the power plant, leaving only the body and wheels, as well as the windshield and rear windows. The author laid the insides of the car with a brick in order to keep heat longer, and replaced the side windows with metal plates.