From this Ferrari 360 made a terrible car for a rally

From this Ferrari 360 made a terrible car for a rally

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the Internet, an image of a seriously modified Italian supercar Ferrari 360 was found. The car is prepared to participate in rally races by the Ya-Car team.

 Road and Track stumbled upon this rally car on social networks and after a thorough investigation found that it was far from a standard Ferrari 360. The car has a custom-built chassis with a tubular frame and the body of a regular Ferrari 360 Modena. The history of this car is very interesting.

The rally car has a pair of Suzuki motorcycle engines, each of which can develop power up to 200 horsepower.

Created by the Spanish Ya-Car rally and autocross team, the car boasts an all-wheel drive system, while the original Ferrari 360 only has rear-wheel drive. Another obvious change is the noticeably increased suspension travel, allowing the specially designed Ferrari to cross rough terrain. It seems that it has polycarbonate windows, which are needed to reduce the total weight of the car. It is also worth noting the “scoop” on the roof and the giant rear wing.

 A double exhaust system with tips that are installed in the central part also gives an original version of the Ferrari 360, since the Italian brand engineers originally brought the exhaust pipes to the corners of the rear bumper. The layout of the rally car has more in common with the exhaust implemented in the 360 ​​GT / GTC, although we are inclined to believe that the guys from Ya-Car have completely developed their own version of the exhaust system.