From Rolls-Royce to FAW: the Chinese lured the designer of the luxury brand

From Rolls-Royce to FAW: the Chinese lured the designer of the luxury brand

September 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The designer, under the guidance of which the new Rolls-Royce Phantom was created and the first in the line of the British brand SUV, will now be responsible for the appearance of models of the Chinese brand Hongqi.

Concern FAW announced a new appointment – his team was joined by Giles Taylor, the former chief designer of Rolls-Royce. In FAW, Taylor received two posts at once: the global vice president of design and the chief creative director. He will work in the new design center of a Chinese company located in Munich, Germany.

The main task of Taylor is the development of the brand identity of the premium brand Hongqi belonging to FAW. Under this brand in China since 1958, limousines are manufactured for the party elite. Since the 90s, Hongqi began to produce cars for mid-level officials, in 2013 the H7 sedan appeared – the first “market” model of the premium brand. Not so long ago in the Middle Kingdom, all those who wanted to see were still the representative limousine L5 and built on the basis of the current Mazda6 sedan H5. And soon on sale will be two crossover – HS7 and electric E-HS3.

In addition, as noted in the FAW, Giles Taylor will monitor the introduction of the “international design philosophy” when creating other products of the concern, including future machines with autonomous control systems.

His career began in Taylor PSA Peugeot Citroen, in 1997 moved to Jaguar, there under his leadership were developed models XJ and XK. In 2011, he joined Rolls-Royce, the post of the chief designer of the British luxury brand Giles Taylor was in 2012: he created the Vision Next 100 concept, the Phantom VIII limousine and the first Cullinan off-roader. The fact that the designer left Rolls-Royce, it became known in June this year.

Meanwhile in early 2018, FAW introduced a new strategy for the development of Hongqi, at the same time the Chinese showed a model of a large coupe, the exterior of which is made in the style of Bentley, Mercedes-Maybach and, in fact, Rolls-Royce. And in April, debuted the full-fledged concept E-Jing GT, repeating the theme of the layout. It remains to wait for the creation of Taylor, to find out whether FAW Hongqi refuses to copy features of more famous brands.