From now Tesla will produce electric cars with full self-driving

From now Tesla will produce electric cars with full self-driving

October 20, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla will equip their cars a new version of an autonomous control system, which will be better and safer than the previous. This is stated in a statement. Earlier the head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk announced a “surprise” the premiere, which was scheduled for October, 17.

On all new Tesla will be used the eight-sky cameras that can distinguish objects at a distance of 250 meters, 12-date ultrasonic sensors, able to distinguish between soft and hard objects at a distance, twice higher than the former, as well as radar, able to “see” through the heavy rain , fog and dust. For processing new computer data, exceeding the previous version of the performance will be used 40 times.

In addition, the Tesla released a new video that shows how the electric car, equipped with autonomous control function, move on a public road, turns, sees a pedestrian in the parking lot, slows and eventually own the park on free place.

In mid-October, the German Minister of Transport asked the company to stop using the Tesla in advertising word «Autopilot». The German authorities considered that it can enter mislead drivers as «Tesla really are not highly automated vehicles that can be operated without the constant attention of the driver.”

Founder and owner of the company Tesla Elon Musk said that the installed equipment on new cars in fact “a supercomputer in the car,” but noted that to make a decision about the appearance on the roads of unmanned vehicles are government regulators and the public.

So far, the equipment will operate in “shadow mode”, collecting data when the technology could lead to accidents or avoid if it ran the car.

“Modernization of the machine is not realistic This is how to make the car transplantation spinal cord,” – said Musk. He also believes that the cars on full self-government can be 10 times safer than the average driver. System is not an autopilot, because the driver does not imply the involvement of the management.