From hate to love: how Americans took the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup

From hate to love: how Americans took the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup

November 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first Tesla electric pickup truck is being spoken around the world today. Some admire the armored electric car, while others are actively criticizing. And how was the novelty adopted at home?

The other day, the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup was completely declassified as part of an official presentation, which could be viewed from different parts of the world. 12 hours after this event, experts began to study public opinion, relying on thematic tags on Twitter. During the study, experts analyzed over 100 thousand tweets with the hashtag #cybertruck. It turned out that the reaction “I hate it” prevailed immediately in 31 US states. But those who liked the electric pickup truck, became leaders only in 19 states.

The most favorable reviews were left by residents of the northeastern states and the West Coast. These are, as a rule, those markets where trucks have traditionally prevailed: Louisiana, Alabama, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, etc. Tesla Cybertruck also received good words from the residents of California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

The opposite point of view was held by the inhabitants of Montana, Alaska, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Maine and others.

In general, the Americans had enough sympathy to ensure that in just two days the electric novelty would collect over 146,000 orders without any large-scale advertising campaign. Most often, Tesla fans have booked versions of the pickup with two and three engines. The first deliveries are planned only for 2021, so the number of people wishing to purchase Tesla Cybertruck can grow exponentially. So, according to the insideevs foreign portal, Tesla’s most important problem will be the satisfaction of demand for Cybertruck.