From diesel Mercedes-Benz GLS made an alternative to Maybach

From diesel Mercedes-Benz GLS made an alternative to Maybach

May 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Atelier Hofele showed a tuning kit that adds luxury to new GLS

The German workshop Hofele Dedign made a luxury SUV out of a diesel Mercedes-Benz GLS, which could become a more affordable alternative to the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS. Atelier experts called the project based on GLS 400 d with the maximum personalization of the exterior and interior Ultimate HGLS.

For the Mercedes-Benz GLS in reading Hofele, you can order a two-tone body color identical to the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, and chromed multi-spoke 22-inch wheels with a similar pattern.

However, the Hofele all-terrain vehicle does not differ in original bumpers, a radiator grill and a different exhaust system output: you can find out the tuning version by the logos of the studio, which replaced the “three-beam star,” the label on the rear pillar, the inscriptions on the trunk lid and wings.

Inside, the Ultimate HGLS differs from a regular SUV in the Nappa diamond-patterned seats in light perforated leather. The ceiling is decorated with white Alcantara, leather inserts appeared on the door cards. Seats of the second row are “captain’s”; pillows are provided for the main passengers. In addition, HGLS offers deep-pile sheep wool rugs.

At the request of the customer, Hofele designers can otherwise design the interior of a full-size all-terrain vehicle, and most importantly, any new GLS can be taken as the basis of the project, from the basic “three hundred and fifty” version to the top AMG GLS 63. Thus, the alternative to the Maybach can even be made from diesel crossover.

For example, as a demonstration Ultimate HGLS taken diesel “four hundredth” version with a 2.9-liter 330-horsepower (700 Nm) engine. By ordering a Mercedes-Maybach GLS, the customer agrees to a non-alternative 558-horsepower (730 Nm) gasoline V8 with a hybrid 22-horsepower “add-on” EQ Boost.

Another advantage of the Mercedes-Benz GLS in Hofele tuning is the price. Finalization of German masters costs from 8,000 euros, the option with a two-tone body color and spectacular wheels will cost a little more.

If we take the base Mercedes-Benz GLS 350 d, which in Europe costs from 86 thousand euros, for about 100 thousand euros you can get an all-terrain vehicle made to order. Estimated price of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS with a redesigned interior and sophisticated air suspension is 180 thousand euros.