From 2020, it will be even harder for cars to get the highest safety score

From 2020, it will be even harder for cars to get the highest safety score

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Road Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS) has introduced stricter testing requirements for new cars. Now, special attention will be paid to optics, as well as checking the safety of people in a collision with pedestrians.

One of the most influential car safety ratings from the United States Highway Traffic Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS) has decided to complicate the rules for obtaining the Top Safety Pick + award. Now, from the new year, all new cars, to receive the highest award, should be equipped with head optics of the “good” or “acceptable” class as standard

Judging by the latest data from IIHS, back in 2016, only three cars received a rating of “good” for front optics, and 36 “satisfactory”. Moreover, 224 different models were evaluated. Already in 2019, 465 systems were tested, of which 68 were “good” and 103 “satisfactory”. This demonstrates that automakers are taking into account the research of the institute.

 In addition, IIHS experts decided to influence the ever-increasing mortality of pedestrians. Over the past 25 years in 2019, it reached its maximum in the United States. To this end, two new pedestrian safety tests will be introduced into the tests, conducted at two different speeds. A crash test will also be complicated with a safety check for the front passenger in a head-on collision with partial overlap.

IIHS Chief Research Officer David Zubi said: “We are constantly making our own tests harder for automakers. Every year it becomes more difficult to get the highest award. Now we hope to improve optics, and also want to protect pedestrians. ”