“Fresh” details about the brand new Bugatti appeared

“Fresh” details about the brand new Bugatti appeared

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The head of the French automobile brand Stefan Winkelmann spoke about what will be a completely new model of the company. The novelty will definitely not receive a hybrid power unit – either a gasoline engine or an electric one will be used.

Since SUVs and crossovers gained very great popularity all over the world, elite brands began to replenish their lineup with similar models. The British Bentley introduced the Bentayga crossover, while the Italian Lamborghini surprised everyone with its SUV Urus. And now there is information that the French company Bugatti is actively considering the possibility of creating its own crossover, under the hood of which will be a powerful W16 engine.
There is still no clear understanding of what type of body the novelty will receive, but it is widely believed that it will be either an SUV or a four-door grand tourer or, as it is often called, an “everyday car”.

 Speaking with reporters from specialized media, the company’s head Stefan Winkelmann says that a “new family member” does not have to be a car that its owners will drive only on weekends, because the Chiron hypercar has become such a vehicle.

He further mentioned that the new Bugatti model will be very different from the Chiron hypercar – it will have a different philosophy. Such a model should “have a different purpose” than a hypercar with an 8.0-liter Quad-Turbo engine, and can even be equipped with a fully electric power plant. “In my opinion, electrification would be the right approach to create a new model,” said Mr. Winkelmann. He added that the hybrid powerplant would not be used for sure, as Bugatti would opt for either an internal combustion engine or a fully electric motor.

 The head of Bugatti also explained that the novelty will remain exclusive – in all, several thousand copies will be released. If the car was an electric car, a company headquartered in northeastern France would give priority to performance indicators such as acceleration and top speed. The electric car will be sold mainly in countries where the infrastructure for electric cars is the best in the world, and it takes as much time to recharge the battery as it does to fill the tank with ordinary gasoline.