French gendarmerie bought electric vans Renault Kangoo ZE

French gendarmerie bought electric vans Renault Kangoo ZE

January 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Deciding to reinforce its commitment to electric mobility, the French Gendarmerie has added to its fleet a very large number of the first generation Renault Kangoo ZE, one of the most popular electric vans in Europe.

Law enforcement agencies in France are going through a large-scale process of renewing their fleet – reconstruction, which, in particular, involves a bet on electric mobility. The French gendarmerie is interested in the Renault Kangoo ZE, one of the best-selling electric vans on the Old Continent.

The French gendarmerie will be joined by 230 examples of the first generation Kangoo ZE, a model that is currently in its final stages of commercial life before the arrival of a new generation. However, this is not the only electric car that will be driven by French police.

This amount will add to the total order for 1,250 vehicles that the French Ministry of the Interior has placed with Renault. The Kangoo ZE vans will be joined by 1,020 Renault ZOE units. Thus, Renault’s two best-selling electric vehicles will carry out various police tasks. Moreover, both models have different configurations.

The Kangoo ZE, which will be used by the French gendarmes, is easily recognizable by its traditional blue body color with white stripes and specific lettering related to the department. Naturally, the vans are equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out their functions, including lighting systems, beacons, communications equipment and other components, which have been duly installed by the Renault team at the Maubeuge plant.

Renault Kangoo ZE was developed based on the second generation Kangoo. It is powered by a 60 hp electric motor powered by a 33 kWh lithium-ion battery. The company’s declared power reserve is 270 kilometers. The order will undoubtedly help Renault shed much of its current Kangoo ZE stock now that its new generation is ready to begin its “commercial journey” across the Old Continent.