French brand DS introduced the concept of the car of the future

French brand DS introduced the concept of the car of the future

February 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Right now, the DS management has several truly interesting models in their product range, including the DS 3 Crossback crossovers and the larger DS 7 Crossback. That’s what it is, and the French automaker DS has no sports car yet.

The DS-X concept car, created by Williams Croz and Laurent Nivalle, is an attempt by the company to imagine what the first sports model will look like. Their creation takes as its basis the idea of ​​a 2-door sports car and tries to transfer it to the future.

 Unlike almost all cars on the market, the DS-X concept does not have a normal cab. Instead, the passenger sits in the closed section while the driver is in the open air.

Well, in general, see for yourself the images of this concept, in my opinion, this car is rather strange.

The DS-X Concept was also divided into two parts. The part of the car where the driver is located has a special front grille offset from the center of the car, while the passenger side of the front has a large opening that opens the front wheel. Behind the two parts merge into one, and the driver’s side is much larger. The unique shape of the car is probably best viewed from above, since it shows the angle at which the passenger and the driver sit, both in front and behind.

  Will such a car ever exist? Hardly, although in the current model of the French automaker there are cars with strange design solutions.

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