Frederick Wasser: We need to gather strength

Frederick Wasser: We need to gather strength

September 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After several productive races in the middle of the season, points are given to Alfa Romeo more and more difficult – and in Sochi they could not be earned …

Frederic Wasser, team leader: “Unfortunately, on the first lap again there were some incidents. Antonio started well and could play several positions, but Grosjean and Riccardo clamped his car on both sides. There was a contact that he could not avoid, as a result, his car was damaged. We called him into the pits, changed the nose fairing and put on Hard tires, and later he switched to Soft when the safety car arrived.

Kimi was fined for a false start, rolled back and could not recoup. The last race turned out to be difficult, you need to regroup and gather strength before the final part of the season. “

Kimi Raikkonen (13th): “The race was difficult from the start. I started moving before the lights went out, for which I was fined. The departure of the safety car allowed me to reduce the backlog from the peloton, but I could not achieve more than 13th place.

The last four races have turned out to be very difficult. You need to understand what went wrong and turn the tide. In Spa, we were strong – we need to return to that level. “

Antonio Giovinazzi (15th): “I was hoping for more, but what happened happened. On the first lap, my car was clamped on both sides by Riccardo and Grosjean. I can’t imagine if Daniel knew that Roman was going from me on the other side, but he got a sandwich. I tried to somehow avoid the incident, but we collided, after which the behavior of the car seriously deteriorated. ”