Frederick Wasser: We could achieve more

Frederick Wasser: We could achieve more

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Only one Alfa Romeo driver managed to qualify for the final in Monza, but there Kimi Raikkonen made a mistake and crashed the car. Antonio Giovinazzi showed 11th time …

Frederic Wasser, Team Leader: “I have mixed emotions after qualification. We had a good pace, the car behaved very well, and both riders did a great job, but the feeling that we could achieve more did not leave. Antonio did not have quite a bit to get to the finals, and Kimi crashed the car during a great lap. We need to evaluate the scale of the damage, and then we will understand how this will affect its position on the starting grid. ”

Kimi Raikkonen (10th): “I paid for my mistake, and this is a little disappointing, because the car behaved very well. It is badly damaged, so let’s see what position we will have to start from. But perhaps the weather will help us, and in changing conditions, we will achieve a good result. I will do everything to win the race. “

Antonio Giovinazzi (11th): “A little disappointing – just a couple of thousandths weren’t enough to get to the finals. I lost a little time in the second chicane – one of the rivals went off the track and brought gravel to the trajectory. But you have to pay such a price when the results are so dense in the peloton.

We wanted more, but we still have good chances in the race. We need to focus on the positive aspects, we can choose tires for the first segment, and it seems to me that this can be an advantage – if it does not rain. “I will start not far from dozens, and if it’s good to start the race and use the right strategy, we can compete for points.”