Franz Toast: We have something to fight for in Sochi

Franz Toast: We have something to fight for in Sochi

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Toro Rosso riders already have experience of successful performances in Sochi, so Daniil Quat and Pierre Gasly are optimistic about the Russian stage of the championship.

Daniil Kvyat: “As you know, I am very pleased to perform in Russia, where fans always support me. Thanks to them, Sochi has a very good atmosphere. Long straight tracks contribute to interesting fights – I think we are waiting for an exciting weekend. I want to enjoy the home race.

Sochi Autodrom is an interesting track, and its panoramas are familiar to everyone who watched the 2014 Winter Olympics. I still remember my first Grand Prix of Russia: then I played in the Toro Rosso, qualified very well and started from the fifth position. The next year I moved to Red Bull Racing and finished fifth at the Russian stage, so I have pleasant memories of the race in Sochi. A few weeks ago I advertised this Grand Prix in St. Petersburg – everything went great!

I think this year we will have a difficult time, but as always, I will give all my best for myself, the team and all the Russian fans.

A few days ago I had a very difficult and unsuccessful race in Singapore. But I do not allow myself to worry about such events and try to recoup in the upcoming weekend. I hope we celebrate success together. ”

Pierre Gasley: “Before Formula 1, I played in Sochi in GP2 and finished second behind Alexander Rossi, but before Stoffel Vandorn, although the year I won the title in this series, we did not have a stage in Sochi.

Last year, Toro Rosso had a difficult weekend: in the race, Brandon Hartley and I had technical problems at the same time. Sochi has a good track, although many 90-degree turns are similar to each other, and they must be driven at the same speed. The key point is to configure the car for this type of cornering, because if it handles them well, then it is highly likely that it will be competitive in the rest of the route.

The Russian Grand Prix is ​​my fourth race after returning to Toro Rosso, so this is an important weekend. The engineers and I have to work hard to compete for points. We were competitive in Spa and Monza, and a few days ago I had an interesting race in Singapore, where I earned four more points for eighth place. This result is very important, because we are trying to improve the position in the Cup of designers.

After Singapore, where it was hot and humid, this weekend everything will be completely different – we are again waiting for more normal conditions. My priority is to work well with the team, because we have progressed since I returned to the team. Of course, in Russia all attention will be focused on my partner, and the fans will actively support Daniel. Then we will go to Japan – there will be another race important for the team, because there we will find the home Grand Prix for Honda. “

Franz Toast, team leader: “Last weekend we raced in Singapore near the equator, and Sochi has a completely different atmosphere, and this is felt as soon as you get out of the plane – the humidity is not so high and the temperature is more comfortable. When I first arrived in Sochi, clear skies, mountains and the sea reminded me of the French Riviera. And the Olympic Park was built relatively recently and well planned.

The Russian Grand Prix is ​​a very important event in the calendar of the championship, because this country is an important market for companies participating in the world championship. Russia does not have such a long history in Formula 1 – we are waiting for only the sixth race at the Sochi Autodrome. But in fact, in St. Petersburg, there were two Grand Prix back in 1913 and 1914!

I believe that we are well prepared for this weekend and will be able to compete for points. This is a home race for Daniel, and we will try to prepare a competitive car for them with Pierre so that they finish in the top eight.

The track uses roads built around the Olympic Village, there are several long straight lines and the same 90-degree turns. There are several places where you can overtake, so the race usually turns out pretty interesting.

We have something to fight for this weekend. In Singapore, Pierre showed a fighting spirit, ahead of several cars at the end of the race, and in the end took an excellent eighth place and earned four valuable points. Thanks to him, we have reduced the gap from the teams that are ahead of us in the Cup of designers, and will try to earn points in Sochi again.

In the first race here in 2014, Daniel qualified fifth, but he had a difficult race. In general, we believe that we have very good racers. Quat has a great season, provides excellent feedback to engineers, copes with difficult conditions and is not afraid to attack on the track. All these qualities are necessary to succeed.

As for Pierre, for the first time he got behind the wheel of our car in Belgium and immediately showed that he was able to adapt to new technology, and with each round he was getting used to it more and more. He proved that he can give a lot to the team – in the first race for Toro Rosso this year he earned points. ”