France to launch production of batteries for electric cars

France to launch production of batteries for electric cars

August 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The growing popularity of electric cars in recent years can be traced most clearly: automakers are actively electrifying their lineup, concluding agreements with battery manufacturers, and funding new developments. The French startup has decided to join this race.

The demand for electric vehicles is growing despite the crisis in the automotive industry. In this regard, new prospects are opening up for manufacturers of batteries for such vehicles.

For example, in France, a local startup Verkor spoke about its plans to launch the production of car batteries by 2023. This information is shared by foreign media. According to reports, the French are going to build a plant in their own country, which would provide jobs for over 2 thousand people.

The new enterprise requires about 500 hectares of land and a solid financial investment of 1.6 billion euros. Verkor decided to take on Schneider Electric as a technical partner. She is considered the world expert in energy management and automation.

In the meantime, China is becoming the leader in the production of batteries for electric cars: this country accounts for 85% of the output at once. Most of the factories specializing in the production of lithium-ion batteries are also located here.

Europeans are still content with a modest share of three percent. Let us remind you that today the LG Chem enterprise operates in Poland, and the CATL plant in Germany.

Earlier, our portal said that by 2025, innovative batteries with a higher power reserve will appear on Toyota electric cars. Work in this direction is very laborious. Specialists will have to deal with one serious drawback of such batteries – a short service life.