Four Hyundai models can lose diesel engines

Four Hyundai models can lose diesel engines

August 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the South Korean edition of The Investor, Hyundai is curtailing the production of diesel modifications of the models Sonata, i30, Grandeur and Maxcruz (in other countries – Grand Santa Fe). Production will be discontinued today, August 10. Apparently, we are talking about machines intended only for the home market.

According to colleagues, sales of diesel modifications of the Grandeur and Sonata sedans make up only 6% and 2% of the total, respectively, which, in general, negatively affects the overall production efficiency.

A similar situation develops with two other models – i30 and Maxcruz.

Official press services of Hyundai Motor Company regarding this situation are still silent, but our colleagues quote one of the representatives of Hyundai, who stated the following:

Global demand is changing towards environmentally friendly cars due to the high cost of oil and the requirements for toxicity, which forces the brand to reduce the production of diesel models.

However, this representative also assured our colleagues that, globally, neither Hyundai nor its daughter brand Kia is going to completely abandon the cars that work on heavy fuel.

It is worth noting that in the past few years, Hyundai is actively updating its hybrid models. It’s about the big new generation Grandeur sedan introduced in March last year, the new generation of hybrid mid-size Sonata, whose public debut was in February this year, and the company is preparing a new eight-seat crossover, which has been actively tested since March this year. In the range of the brand there are hybrid versions of the models Optima, Elantra, Cerato and the crossover Kona Electric.

Certainly, the list of hybrid and electric models of the brand in accordance with the global trend will increase, but from diesel versions we will slowly, apparently, wean.