Found a warehouse where Nissan Skyline sells cheaper than a new iPhone

Found a warehouse where Nissan Skyline sells cheaper than a new iPhone

October 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As well as original spare parts for them

In Japan, they found a little-known warehouse where you can buy a Nissan Skyline in perfect condition and original spare parts for it at a very low price.

The real Mecca for fans of the model was found in the Trust Kikaku store, which specializes in the supply of original spare parts for Japanese sports cars, as well as in the sale of used cars themselves. A private warehouse is occupied by a private collection of Skylines, which can also be purchased.

A video review from this warehouse was published by the blogger Sammit. Several bodies in fairly good condition are separately exhibited next to the warehouse, and several rows of practically new sports cars, mainly in the 34th body, are right there. Inside the warehouse are cars of all possible colors, which are covered with a protective film.

The collection contains both ordinary stock specimens and rather rare ones, for example, the V-Spec modification with the Nur prefix (short for Nurburgring), which was released in a limited edition of 750 cars.

At the same time, these cars are no more expensive than the most common used city “subcompacts”. For a stock sports car with a naturally aspirated version of the engine, the owner asks for two thousand dollars. A more productive copy will cost about 7 thousand dollars, and for the Skyline with a turbocharger will have to pay 9 thousand.

The day before, a video appeared on the Web with the rarest and most expensive Skyline in the world, a modification of Z-Tune, which was released in the amount of 19 pieces. All of their Nismo built on their own on the basis of used cars. Cars received heavily boosted versions of RB engines with a volume of 2.8 liters and a capacity of 500 horsepower. One of these cars in perfect condition is stored in the Australian studio V-Spec Perfomance, its estimated cost exceeds $ 500,000.