Formula E founder to launch electric boat racing

Formula E founder to launch electric boat racing

September 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new series starts in 2022. Races will be held in the locations of the Extreme E stages

Formula E founder and InsideEVs co-owner Alejandro Agag has announced the creation of the third electric racing series. On the heels of Formula E itself, as well as the Extreme E electric SUV races, electric boat races will begin in 2022.

The stages are planned to be held in conjunction with the Extreme E races where there is a suitable water area nearby. It can be both seas and lakes or large rivers. For example, rides on electric boats are planned to be held in Greenland, as well as in the Amazon.

Other locations for racing on electric boats can be cities that at one time could not accept the Formula E stages due to the impossibility of organizing street tracks there. In particular, Agag mentioned Tokyo and Lake Geneva.

According to Agag, now the demand for electric boats is minimal, but this is precisely due to the fact that people simply do not know about the capabilities of such boats. So a new racing series is being created just to show that such vessels can have very advanced characteristics.

As in other electric championships, pilots will race exactly the same boats, which will be made in cooperation with SailGP. These are hydrofoils capable of accelerating to 60 knots (111 kilometers per hour). Agag did not provide any other details.