Formula 1 ratings are down due to pay TV

Formula 1 ratings are down due to pay TV

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

UK television ratings dropped significantly in 2019 after Formula 1 racing broadcasts were transferred to the Sky Sports paid channel, the Daily Mail reports citing statistics released by Broadcasters ’Audience Research Board (BARB), an audience research provider.

At one time, even under Bernie Ecclestone, a multi-million dollar contract was signed with Sky for six years, as a result of which Formula 1 in the UK almost disappeared from public television channels. If in 2018 free Channel 4 showed 10 races per season, then in 2019 – only one, the British Grand Prix. True, after the finish of each stage, this TV channel still shows racing reviews.

As a result, last year in the United Kingdom, the television audience of Formula 1 was reduced by 13.6%, and this picture cannot but alarm Liberty Media.

BARB statistics is considered official information that TV channels are guided by when selling ads. In particular, racing reviews on Channel 4 last year were watched by 37.4 million viewers – this is 10.8 million less than in 2018.

At the same time, the number of fans who watch the Sky Sports F1 paid channel increased, but not so significantly, the increase was only 2.2 million viewers, which does not compensate for the reduction in the audience nationwide.

In fact, this was predicted by Lewis Hamilton, who last year extremely negatively assessed the translation of broadcasts to pay TV: “I remember how in my childhood I turned on the BBC and watched the Grand Prix – it was great. It is the fans who make the sport what it has become, and the more you limit their capabilities, the worse it will be for business. ”