Formula 1 Grand Prix want to spend in Finland

Formula 1 Grand Prix want to spend in Finland

January 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In 2019, Finland will complete construction of the KymiRing autodrome, where the MotoGP stage will take place in 2020. However, the track is also suitable for the F-1 car race, which the Finns hope for.

Such prospects were told in a statement by the owners of the race track and the Finnish motorsport federation. At the moment, the track is 80% ready, and by the fall of this year, tests are already scheduled just before the MotoGP championship. The contract for its implementation is concluded for a period of five years – from 2020 to 2024 inclusive.

Interestingly, the Finns had planned to hold the Grand Prix already in 2019, but this idea had to be abandoned due to the unavailability of the track.

Now, when they will have a modern autosports complex 110 kilometers from Helsinki, there is also the possibility of Formula 1. “In the summer of 2018, at the meeting, we had already discussed this idea with the owners of F-1 and reached certain agreements,” – says Tatu Lehmuskallio, managing director of the Finnish Automobile Federation. “So soon we will begin to study the requirements for conducting a race with us.”

 He also added that with a positive outcome of the case, the country will be able to strengthen the international reputation and economic component. Note that the stands of the new autodrome will accommodate about 150 thousand spectators.

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