Formula 1 engineers consider the new Ducati bike illegal

Formula 1 engineers consider the new Ducati bike illegal

March 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The protest of some teams of the championship took a serious turn – the case of winglets on a motorcycle of Andrea Dovizioso, who won in Qatar, was sent to court.

After the victory of Dovitzioso in the first stage of MotoGP, other teams (Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki, KTM) doubted the legality of using the aerodynamic elements of his bike. Judges Qatar Grand Prix did not reveal violations and the protest was rejected. The case has been submitted to the appellate court of the championship and is awaiting a decision, but experts already suggest its outcome not in favor of the Ducati team.

The journalists of the publication talked with two reputable F1 engineers – Tony Kukarella and a specialist, who chose not to give a name. Both agreed that the winglets were originally intended to increase the level of downforce. Well, in addition, the detail affects the air flow around the bike and gives an understanding of what is happening behind it. Perhaps the element is not more effective than baffles on the fairing, but creates downforce and this is obvious.

 Coukerella explained that in motor racing the issues of aerodynamics are not as closely considered as in Formula 1, so it is important what decision will be made in the FIM. And they are faced with the task of clearly defining the rules of the game. And this is now of greater importance than revealing the legitimacy of the winglets (elements that are movable relative to the body of the bike are considered prohibited).