Formula 1 could go all-wheel drive

Formula 1 could go all-wheel drive

April 8, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

It became known that Formula 1 plans to switch to all-wheel drive by 2025. True, the introduction of such fireballs is associated with certain difficulties. New brakes will also be used.

It became known that next season in Formula 1 races will be used new technical regulations. Also, changes are now actively being prepared, which should come into force by 2025. They involve participation in the championship with four-wheel drive cars.

Very soon, sports cars with new engines running on environmentally friendly fuel will participate in the competition. Active aerodynamics will also be used.

And by 2025, all-wheel drive cars may appear. But, according to championship technical director Pat Symonds, the decision has not yet been finally made; on the one hand, it could improve the handling and ride quality of the cars. On the other hand, the use of all-wheel drive technology is much more complicated and expensive. Moreover, Formula 1 is a sport. Therefore, it is unknown how this transition will affect the competitive spirit of the riders and whether it makes practical sense. Perhaps the competition in this case will become less interesting and exciting. After all, the task of the athletes will be noticeably easier.

In addition, a complete abandonment of the currently used carbon brakes is planned. Instead, they will use carbon-ceramic parts that are considered environmentally friendly. This decision is fully supported by representatives of the Brembo company, which produces brakes for the needs of Formula 1. Currently, new environmentally friendly technologies and materials are being developed here. This is fully consistent with the current strategy of the manufacturer and the championship itself, which seeks to keep up with the times. But today it is not known exactly when the new brakes will be used or whether they will be used at all. If this happens, it will not be until 2025, as well as the transition to four-wheel drive.