Formula-1 abandoned the grid-girls

Formula-1 abandoned the grid-girls

February 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Formula-1 from the new racing season will abandon the grid-hungles. The same changes will occur in other championships, held in the weekends. This is stated in a message on the official website of Formula 1.

“Over the past year, we have been looking at aspects of the championship that need updating, in order to better match our vision for this great sport,” said Formula 1 commercial director Sean Bratches. – Grid-gherls have been a key element of Formula-1 for decades, but we believe that this custom does not correlate with the values ​​of our brand and is contrary to modern social norms. We think that this practice is not appropriate for Formula 1 and does not suit fans, old or new, around the world. ”

In 2015, at the Grand Prix of Monaco, instead of the girls on the starting grid went guys. Then a similar idea was met with harsh criticism.

The World Championship in Endurance Racing (WEC) refused from the Grands-Hills three years ago. The events with the participation of the models were called “slightly sexist” and “old-fashioned”.

The rejection of grid-gerls refers not only to Formula-1, but also to all the other series held in the Grand Prix. So, without the girls on the starting grid will remain competitions Formula 2 and GP3.