Former vice-president of GM sent Tesla to the cemetery

Former vice-president of GM sent Tesla to the cemetery

September 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Bob Lutz sure that Mask does not know how to run an automobile company

Former Vice President of General Motors Bob Lutz in an interview with CNBC called Tesla “a company moving toward the cemetery.” Top manager considers Elon Musk a “good guy”, who nevertheless does not know how to run a company of this kind.

“They will never make money on Model 3 because of high costs,” – Lutz said. “There are 9,000 people working on the assembly line, and less than 150,000 people leave the assembly line. All this does not fit into my head. The company is just moving toward the cemetery. ” Lutz jokes that in a year or two there will be a conspiracy film called “Who Killed Tesla”, where Leonardo DiCaprio will play the main role.

Lutz’s comment appeared a few days after the presentation of the Audi e-tron and the investigation of the US Department of Justice began with respect to Mask, suspected of fraud in the securities market and machinations with the production of Tesla Model 3. But still, the main problem of Tesla Lutz sees increased competition from the side of large manufacturers: they can sell electric cars at a loss, since the bulk of their income is generated by cars with ICE.

Bob Lutz is known as the ardent opponent of Tesla. In November last year, he said that the company will not live until 2019. It “burns” money too fast, and new products are just an attempt to attract additional financial resources.