Former US special forces suspected of organizing the escape of Carlos Ghosn

Former US special forces suspected of organizing the escape of Carlos Ghosn

January 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In Tokyo, the prosecutor’s office received an arrest warrant for former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn. This was reported by Kyodo news agency. According to him, this time the top manager was accused of violating the law on entry and exit from the country.

Also, an arrest warrant was issued for Americans Michael Taylor and George Zayek. Presumably they helped organize the escape of the top manager. They may be charged with harboring a criminal. According to unofficial data, Taylor previously served in the US special forces. After that, he created a company that specialized in security issues.

Earlier, the Japanese authorities sent a request to Interpol with a request for an arrest warrant for the wife of ex-head of Nissan Carlos Ghosn. Thus, Tokyo prosecutors suspect Carol Ghosn of attempting to destroy evidence related to her husband’s fraud case. Prior to this, the Tokyo prosecutor’s office issued a warrant for her arrest on suspicion of giving false evidence in April 2019.

Carlos Ghosn violated the terms of the pledge and left Japan on December 31. He explained his decision by “political persecution.” He also emphasized that he was not going to remain “captive to the unjust Japanese judicial system.” Ghosn’s escape details are kept secret. It was reported that Ghosn left Japan in a private plane, hiding in a box from under musical instruments. A former top manager traveled to Beirut via Istanbul.

Currently, Ghosn continues to be in Lebanon. This country and Japan do not have an extradition agreement. At a press conference, Ghosn openly accused Nissan’s leadership that the case against him was fabricated with the help of the Japanese government. He called everything that happened political persecution and a gross violation of human rights.

The former head of the Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi alliance, Carlos Ghosn, was detained on November 19, 2018. Japanese police suspect him of tax evasion. According to her, for this, he deliberately distorted information about the amount of his own payments. Investigators began an investigation against the top manager after reports from an anonymous informant inside the car concern.