Former racers criticize Sebastian Vettel

Former racers criticize Sebastian Vettel

July 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Sebastian Vettel was criticized by his former colleagues for speaking at the Austrian Grand Prix. The mistake of the four-time world champion during the attack on Carlos Sainz led to a reversal and loss of position. As a result, Sebastian finished tenth, and his Ferrari partner Charles Lecler went up to the podium.

“Honestly, such a U-turn can be made by young riders, but not by Sebastian,” Ralph Schumacher commented on the situation on German Sky. “I don’t know what is happening to him.”

Nico Rosberg commented more firmly on Vettel’s mistake on RTL: “From Sebastian’s side, we saw a glaring miscalculation. This happened to him repeatedly. This is something inexplicable. Sebastian again and again makes the same mistake when he takes the internal radius when overtaking.

Vettel says that Ferrari claims to be sixth-seventh, and his partner finishes the race second. Sebastian will have to start from the very beginning – now four titles already mean nothing. He must prove that he deserves a place. “

Jenson Button on the air of the British Sky Sports F1 expressed the hope that Vettel will recover: “The spread turned out awkward. I have always defended Sebastian, but this time he needs to analyze his actions. I think he will be very dissatisfied with himself when he does. Fortunately, the next race is in a few days, and I hope that Sebastian will perform better. “